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Essential Subjects in Biblical Departments

Department of History 1. History of Christianity I-(In the World) 2.History of Christianity I (In India)1. History of Christianity I-(In the World) 2.History of Christianity I (In India)
Department of Christian Ministry 1. Homiletics, 2. Hermeneutics, 3.Leadership and Church Administration 4.Pastoral Care and Counseling, S.Worship, Education, ministry of the church 6. Marriage. Family and Ministry
Department of Missiology 1.Principles of Church Planting, 2,Introduction to Mission - Evangelism 3.Contemporary Trends in Mission
Department of Religion and Philosophy 1.Major Religions of the World, 2.Contemporary Indian Movements
Department of General studies 1.Spiritual Formation, 2.Types of Ministries in Para church organization 3.Language studies
Department of Old Testament 1.Old Testament Survey, 2.Pentateuch, 3.Historical Books 4.Prophetical Books, 5.Poctical Books
Department of New Testament 1. New Testament Survey, 2.Synoptic Gospels 3.Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, 4.Acts of the Apostles 5.Pauline Epistles I - (Romans - Galatians) 6.Pauline Epistles II (Ephesians Titus) 7.General Epistles. 8.Daniel and Revelation
Department of Theology and Ethics 1.Systematic Theology I - (Thcology Proper, Bibliology, Anthropology) 2.Systematic Theology II - (Hamurtiology, Soteriology. Christology) 3.Systematic Theology II - (Ireumatology, Fcclesiology, Escgatology, Angelology) 4.Apologetics, 5.Christian Ethics