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Diploma in Theology (Dip. Th)

Semester I 1.English I 2.Old Testament Survey 3. New Testament Survey 4.Life of Christ in Gospels 5.Church History I 6.Leadership and Church Management
Semester II 1. English 11 2.Pentateuch 3.Synoptic Gospels 4.Church History IT 5.Introduction to Mission - Evangelism 6.Acts of the Apostles
Semester III 1.Historical Books 2.Pauline Epistles! 3.Systematic Theology 1 4.Hermeneutics 5. Pastoral Care and Counseling 6.Principles of Church Planting
Semester IV 1.Poctical Books 2.Pauline Epistles II 3.Systematic Theology II 4.1 Tomiletics 5. Contemporary Trends in Mission 6. Worship and Education Ministry of the Church
Semester V 1.Prophetical Books 2. General Epistles 3.Systematic Theology III 4. Major Religions of the World 5.Christian Ethics 6. Women in Religion and Society
Semester VI 1.Johnaine Writings 2.Apologctics 3.Contemporary Indian Movements 4. Daniel and Revelation 5. Marriage, Family and Ministry 6. Types of Ministries in Para church organization